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U.S. Constitution   --  annotated, FindLaw
 U.S. Code -- House Law Library
U.S. Sup. Ct. -- Court's web site
U.S. Sup. Ct.   --  since 1893, FindLaw  (see Searches page)
U.S. Sup. Ct.    -- (some with audio)
U.S. Sup. Ct. -- Cornell Legal Information Institute

Fed R Civ Proc --  Cornell     Fed R Evid   --  Cornell
Rules of U.S. Sup Ct   --  Cornell
Fed R App Proc and 9th Cir Rules -- 9th Circuit's website
  Local Rules -- D.Haw.

 9th Cir Cases   --  FindLaw
9th Cir cases --  9th Circuit's website

FedLaw --  Federal legal resources from GSA
Federal Judiciary -- U.S. Courts Administrative office
PACER -- U.S. Courts docket information
Court sites and resources directory
--  Washburn University (searchable)
 United States Courts for the Ninth Circuit
U.S. District Court for Hawai`i

Circuit Court Sites:
Federal Circuit        First Circuit    Second Circuit
Third Circuit        Fourth Circuit         Fifth Circuit       Sixth Circuit
Seventh Circuit          Eighth Circuit          Ninth Circuit
Tenth Circuit          Eleventh Circuit        D.C. Circuit

Code Fed Regulations (CFR)   --  National Archives
  Admin Proc Act   --  Cornell
Federal Register --  USGPO
  Executive Orders -- Federal Register

THOMAS -- Library of Congress Legislative Information Service
FirstGov -- comprehensive Federal gateway site
NEPA Net -- Federal Office of Environmental Quality web site
State Department  --  Service of process abroad
  Business and Finance --  Find Law
  US Patents and Trademarks Office
  US Copyright Office
Federal trademark/name search
Trademark Electronic Application System
Querydata  (Public records data search)

Federal Law Crawler   -- FindLaw
Federal Law Resources  --  FindLaw
  Federal Law   --  ALSO (everything)
  Federal Practice   --  ALSO (resources)

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Hawai`i  --  State Government Home Page
Hawai`i Constitution           Hawai`i Revised Statutes
Hawai`i Court Rules -- Civil, Criminal, etc.
Hawai`i Cases   --  State Judiciary 
Hawai`i Administrative Rules -- Lt. Gov.'s web site
Administrative Rules Directory   --  Hawai`i LRB
Courts -- Hawai`i Judiciary Home Page
Hawai`i Appellate eFiling
Circuit Court Standard Jury Instructions
Hawai`i Court Forms
Hawai`i Judiciary's Court Docket System
Hawaii Legislature   --  Legislative information
Legislative references -- Hawai`i LRB
AG Opinions

Hawai`i Bureau of Conveyances document search
Business Registration -- search registered names
Public Utilities Commisison docket   (efile)
Office of Environmental Quality Control (OEQC)
 Hawai`i State Bar Association  Research Resources
Hawai`i Agency Forms -- Lt. Gov.'s web site

Hawai`i County Code       Hawai`i County Real Property Assessment Data
Maui County Code   -- with search provision
Maui County website      Maui County Real Property Assessment Data
Maui County Department of Water Supply -- rules and regulations
City and County of Honolulu website
Honolulu Bills, Ordinances, and Other Resources
1880 Civil Code of the Hawaiian Kingdom

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LexisOne-- limited free Lexis access (registration required)
LexisWeb-- free Lexis search engine for web legal resources
  State and Local Government Sites
State Court Sites -- National Center for State Courts
State Government Sites    --  Library of Congress
State Constitutions, Statutes, Legislatures Directory -- Cornell
State Cases and Codes -- Find Law
  State Law Resources   --  FindLaw
Summary of State Legislative Sources
--  Hawai`i Legislative Reference Bureau
Various Municipal Codes  --  Book Publishing Company
New York Law -- Find Law


California Caselaw (1934 on)   -- FindLaw (requires registration)
California Code -- CalLaw      California Law Crawler   --  FindLaw
California Code -- Find Law      Califronia Ethics Decisions -- State Bar of California

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State Court Opinions

Alaska Supreme Court
Alaska Court of Appeals
Arizona Supreme Court
Arizona Courts
Arkansas Appellate
California Appellate Sip Opinions
Colorado Supreme Court
Colorado Court of Appeals
Delaware Supreme Court
Florida Supreme Court
Florida Courts
Georgia Supreme Court
Hawaii Appellate
Idaho Courts
Illinois Appellate Courts
Indiana Appellate
Maine Supreme Court
Maryland Court of Appeals
Massachusetts Supreme Court
Massachusetts Court of Appeals
Michigan Appellate Courts
Minnesota Appellate Courts
Mississippi Appellate
Nebraska Courts
New Hampshire Supreme Court
New Jersey Appellate
New Mexico Appellate
New York Court of Appeals
North Carolina Appellate
North Dakota Supreme Court
Ohio Supreme Court
Oklahoma Appellate Courts
Oregon Supreme Court
Rhode Island Supreme Court
South Carolina Appellate Courts
South Dakota Supreme Court
Tennessee Supreme Court
Texas Supreme Court
Utah Appellate
Vermont Supreme Court
Virginia Appellate Courts
Washington Appellate
West Virginia Supreme Court
Wisconsin Supreme Court
Wisconsin Court of Appeals
Wyoming Supreme Court

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State Statutes

Alaska Statutes
Arizona Revised Statutes
California Legislative Information
Colorado Revised Statutes
Connecticut Statutes
Delaware Code
General Laws of Florida
Hawai`i Revised Statutes
Idaho Statutes
Illinois Statutes
Indiana Code
Iowa Code
Kansas Statutes
Kentucky Revised Statutes
Maine Revised Statutes
Maryland Statutes
Massachusetts General Laws
Michigan Compiled Laws
Minnesota Statutes
Mississippi Code
Missouri Revised Statutes
Montana Code
Nebraska Statutes
Nevada Statutes
New Jersey Statutes
New Mexico Statutes
Laws of New York
North Carolina Statutes
North Dakota Statutes
Northern Mariana Laws
Ohio Revised Code
Oklahoma Statutes
Oregon Revised Statutes
Rhode Island General Laws
South Carolina Code
South Dakota Codified Laws
Tennessee Code Annotated
Texas Statutes
Utah Code
Vermont Statutes
Virginia Code
Washington Code Reviser
West Virginia Code
Wisconsin Statutes
Wyoming Statutes

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WestDoc -- West Publishing cases & statutes (pay per cite)
Tracers Information Specialists
LawGuru -- Legal Resources
General Reference    --  Washburn Univ
  References   --  Lectlaw
Legal Journals -- USC Law School
  Law Journals   --  FindLaw     Law Crawler   -- (general) FindLaw
Law Engine   --  Comprehensive resources on one page index
UpCounsel   --  legal documents and articles
LOIS   --  Law Office Information Systems (some fee)
  Law Libraries   --  Washington College of Law
Shepards   --  (fee) citation checking

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations   --
Uniform Acts --  and Commission notices
Uniform Commercial Code   --  University of Pennsylvania
Expert Witness Directory   --
Blue Book -- Citing authority (Cornell site)

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