Paralegal Services

KanawaiLegal research and writing services are provided for attorneys only on a contract basis by William D. Smith a non-lawyer paralegal with more than forty years of experience working on more than 9,000 litigation cases, including substantial research and drafting of briefs in more than 100 appeals in various state and federal jurisdictions. Services are billed at the rate of $90.00 per hour, plus substantially discounted Westlaw costs, plus Hawai`i's 4% general excise tax.

The following must be agreed to in writing before services can be provided:

The undersigned (hereinafter Attorney) requests that William D. Smith provide from time to time various research and writing services. It is agreed that such services will be provided to assist Attorney and that Attorney will supervise and manage such services so that no responsibility for the (a) provision of legal advice or services, (b) conduct of litigation, (c) judgment of authorities or (d) practice of law is intended or implied to be part of the services rendered. Attorney agrees to examine the work product resulting from such services to evaluate its appropriate usefulness. Attorney agrees to promptly pay for such services at the stated hourly rate plus associated costs and the Hawai`i 4% General Excise Tax. It is further agreed that an interest charge of 1% per month may be added to amounts unpaid 30 days after billing.

Attorney's Services Agreement form

William D. Smith has provided contract research and writing services for lawyers in Hawai`i and on the Mainland since 1985.

1985-present   Freelance paralegal services in Hawai`i
1981-1985   Legal Assistant, Legal Aid Society, Des Moines, Iowa
1975-1978   Research Director, Kentucky Student Public Interest Research Group
1968-1970   Legal Officer (non-lawyer), U.S. Navy
1968   B.A. (history) Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia