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Official Hawai`i Court Forms

Hawai`i Circuit Court Forms

Civil Information Sheet
Add'l Claims Information Sheet
Return of Service
Exhibit List (first page)
Exhibit List (continuation page)
Standard Jury Instructions
Civil Summons (1st Cir) *
(* see homemade forms below for more)

Hawai`i District Court Forms
District Court forms for the Second Circuit    (Maui County)
District Court forms for the Third Circuit    (Hawai`i County)
District Court forms for the First Circuit    (Island of Oahu)

Hawai`i Family Court Forms
Hawai`i State Family Court Forms (for Oahu)
Uncontested divorce forms    (without children)
Uncontested divorce forms    (with children)
Child Support Guidelines

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Homemade Court and Agency Forms

( Supreme Court letter re homemade forms )

Civil Appeal  Docketing Statement

Request for Transcript

Civil Summons (modified State 1st Cir form, * above)

Civil Summons (ordinary plaintiff's claim)

Cross-Claim Plaintiff's Civil Summons

Second Circuit Procedures/Forms Regarding Transcript Preparation

State subpoena (duces tecum)

Request for Service by Sheriff

Garnishee Summons and Order

Federal civil subpoena

Probate Flagsheet 1A -  Petition re Will, etc.

Small Estate Information (scanned)

Small Estate Certificate as to Relatives (scanned)

Non-profit organizations

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Hawai`i State Agency Forms Summary Page

Business Registration

Bureau of Conveyances

Office of the Lieutenant Governor

Department of Accounting and General Services

Department of Agriculture

Department of the Attorney General

Department of Budget and Finance

Department of Business, Economic Development and Tourism

Department of Commerce and Consumers Affairs

Department of Education

Department of Human Resources Development

Department of Labor and Industrial Relations

Department of Land and Natural Resources

Department of Public Safety

Department of Taxation

Department of Transportation

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Federal Court and Agency Forms

Federal civil subpoena

FindLaw Forms
large collection of forms for state and federal courts

Bankruptcy Forms   National (Administrative Office of the U.S. Courts)

IRS Forms and Publications
Form SS-4    --  (App for Emp ID #)
Online Application for Emp ID #

Patent and Trademarks
To check the status of a treademark application with
the Patent and Trademark Office, enter the serial
number and click on Check Status button below.

Enter a Serial Number:

Client Information Form for PTO applications

Library of Congress
Copyrights    (U.S. Copyright Office)

State Department -- Passports

Immigration and Naturalization

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State Court Forms

Alaska Appellate Court Arkansas
Arizona -- Pima County Arizona -- Maricopa County ArizonaSupreme Court
California Judicial Council Forms California--Los Angeles Colorado
Connecticut Idaho Kansas -- Shawnee County
North Dakota Oklahoma
Pennsylvania -- Admin Utah Washington

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Miscellaneous Forms

Massachusetts Secretary of Commonwelath forms

New York City Forms     --   database of free legal forms

'Lectric Law Library

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